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Cricket Lost Love

Markers of Daily Attempts at Reasoning

17 June 1976
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mother of two, gamer, larp'er, student, teacher, friend and confidant.

waiting for life, and playing the adult when need be.

living, loving, and learning.

avid reader of slash, smallville, harry potter, x-over angel and hp...

trying to write my stories, harry potter cross with white wolf ideas for the first story. involving prof lupin and a family that rivals the weasley's in sheer numbers. the second a story of twin girls the year behind harry, trying to deal with the darkness that they were told was their battle, and watching harry get all the credit. all while trying to stay with jk's work.

you all know me as, crickette, cricket, angel, rhain, anne-marie, what?, hataori, hikaru, teva, rivona, zathrus, and most of all tracy.

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